Concierge Auctions Reviews

Concierge Auctions Reviews

Welcome to a website dedicated to the monumental work of Concierge Auctions. Concierge Auctions reviews show that the company was recently acquired by Sotheby’s and Anywhere Real Estate, Inc. Two giants in their respective industries, Sotheby’s and Anywhere have a joint ownership stake that allows Concierge Auctions to improve upon their excellent service. Concierge Auctions reviews how to improve their global luxury real estate auction marketplace every day. This site will both share information on the latest advancements with the company as well as the latest trends in the luxury real estate auction industry.

The recent acquisition of Concierge Auctions is a dream scenario for those who utilize their services. Chad Roffers and Laura Brady are remaining President and Chief Executive Officer, and the company will continue to operate independently. Real estate agents from across the globe can continue to partner with the company to host their online auctions. The acquisition simply provides additional support to continue to grow their reach and enhance their services. This additional support includes greater brand awareness on a global scale.

Concierge Auctions reviews show that the luxury online auction portion of the real estate market is performing well. While there is a smaller buyer pool within the luxury sector, the online methodology of the auction process is becoming more commonplace for buyers and sellers. Concierge Auctions has proven that it is possible to have safe and transparent auctions digitally. All the way back in 2008, Concierge Auctions introduced a luxury real estate service to customers. Sellers appreciate the fact that not only does Concierge Auctions bring in the proper buyers, but they also work with real estate agents as trusted advisors, so every client is represented and understands the outcome of their auction going into the process. The selling of a luxury property can be an extremely stressful process, but Concierge Auctions take a lot of the stress away by simply locking in the right prospective buyers and offering complete transparency to both sellers and buyers throughout the process.

When a prospective client comes to Concierge Auctions, the reviews show that they quickly learn that the company processed $4 billion in bids in 2020 alone. The average sale price is $3.5 million. The company has experience auctioning off estates that have gone for more than $140 million dollars. With every new auction comes more attention, which helps draw in bidders who are prepared to spend top dollar for properties they love. The state-of-the-art digital marketing, property preview, and bidding platform makes it easy for buyers to accentuate the best features of the property and allows sellers the opportunity to look over every detail. Real estate agents seek out Concierge Auctions to take advantage of the reach the platform provides. There is no easier way to gain access to some of the most seasoned buyers in the marketplace.

Future blog posts will look at different trends within the online luxury real estate auction market. Concierge Auctions reviews show that companies in this space are only as strong as the marketing team behind them. It is imperative that both buyers and sellers understand that they are working with the best people within the industry. When sales of this magnitude are on the line, anything less than the best is simply unacceptable. The importance of attention-to-detail within this industry can not be understated. Future posts will look at how companies can prove their worth and how real estate agents can progress within their careers to becoming a trusted source for those buying or selling incredible luxury properties.